Total Support Services: Drive Your Business Easier

Encapsulating Hino Motors Ltd.’s core philosophy and slogan, ‘Customer First’, the Central Trade and Auto Company (Markazia) – sole distributor of Hino trucks in Jordan – is pleased to offer its esteemed clients, a comprehensive array of services all in one package by the name of ‘Total Support Services’, to augment and ensure the best possible Hino truck-ownership experience.

Furthermore, these services are based on two fundamental values; the first being the 100% uptime guarantee, which entails choosing the most suitable truck and its subsequent maintenance, to maximize vehicle uptime and reliability. The second is to minimize vehicle lifetime cost by reducing depreciation costs involving that of buying, resale, body-building and interest rates, in addition to reducing running costs, namely, fuel, maintenance, insurance and driver training.


Whether you run your own business, or you are a fleet operator, Markazia Hino’s flexible financing solutions will facilitate your pursuit of sustainable business growth and success. Regardless of your financing requirements, you can rest assured that you will be provided with reliable financial solutions, carefully catered to all your needs and expectations.

The Flex Financing Options:

  • Financing through accredited banks or Markazia directly.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Appropriate down payment.
  • Payments at suitable intervals.



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Markazia – Hino delivers peace of mind at an affordable cost through insurance policies with unique features that covers the needs of your commercial vehicles for a full protection, by which you will avoid any additional unexpected expenses.



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Body Fabrication & Truck Application

Our seek to provide the superior quality to our Hino clients is not limited in chassis’ quality only, but also in the particularly skilled and professional installation of the body, so we work closely with body builders and fabricators to ensure the right solution is provided to meet the needs and requirements of your business in addition to quick preparation, as we realize the value of time spent on body building when it comes to commercial trucks and the sooner the trucks are on road the quicker the return on investment.

Thus, Markazia – Hino is providing the superior solution for the best price, prepared in the minimal lead time, with the consistent quality and after sales support once the truck has been handed over to the client.



Service Contracts

Sustaining a truck’s optimum performance and uptime for years to come is a crucial factor in ensuring a business operates smoothly and continuously. To help ascertain future success, a number of periodic maintenance service contracts are available to reduce inconvenient and costly truck downtime as well as preventing mechanical breakdowns, thereby minimizing truck lifetime costs, maximizing uptime and ensuring peace of mind.

The service contracts are specifically designed to meet different needs and as such, comprise different maintenance and genuine spare parts and oil packages.


Labor Periodic Maintenance ChargesA
Customized package based on client’s need
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Air Filter
Air Condition Filter
Fuel Filters
Brake Fluid
Transmission Oil
Rear Differential Oil
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Engine Belt
AC Belt
Clutch Kit (Cover, Disc & Bearing)


Technical Training

Markazia – Hino engineers and technician provide training seminars to your technicians and drivers team instructing them on how to perform daily inspections and maintenance work, contributing to the reduction of maintenance costs and prevention of long-term damage.


Technical Training

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Eco-Drive Seminars and Safety Driving Training

Hino trucks are renowned for being economical with regards to fuel consumption; however, few drivers realize that fuel efficiency can be enhanced by applying some simple driving methods. Such methods can help keep trucks in ideal operating condition, particularly fleets.

As part of the Total Support Services provided by Markazia Hino, drivers have the opportunity to participate in Hino’s Eco Drive seminars, organized in collaboration with the mother company Hino Motors, Ltd., for the purpose of raising awareness about economic driving tactics, to help clients achieve optimal total cost of ownership and improve profitability.

Drivers also have a social responsibility to drive safely at all times and avoid traffic accidents. To improve public safety and the safety of drivers and their trucks, the Safety Driving Training course is designed as well in cooperation with the mother company Hino Motors Ltd., to inform Hino truck drivers about the importance of safe driving and its methods.

Through the course, drivers will be introduced to safety precautions that must be followed in day-to-day driving. They will be taught how to avoid sudden changes such as sudden start, acceleration and deceleration, in addition to sudden steering wheel shifts, all of which will thwart the occurrence of traffic accidents, decrease vehicle downtime, improve productivity and most importantly, prevent the loss of life.




Environmental Awareness Support

Out of our believe in environmental awareness and following the plan implemented by Markazia in cooperation with Ministry of Environment to cultivate environmental awareness in society, Markazia – Hino is organizing a campaign as a social responsibility and a service for companies to inspect commercial vehicles in Jordan by our specialized engineers and technicians regardless the manufacturer of the truck, as our team will conduct a free check on your fleet to make sure that you have an eco-friendly vehicle with low emissions and ensure its readiness and efficiency.



Environmental Awareness Support

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A valuable add-in to your vehicle enables you to monitor live performance and location of your fleet anytime anywhere in addition to working and stopping hours, geo-fencing, route planning for each vehicle or monitor drivers’ behaviors and how they use your assets. This service also facilitates extracting reports to stay fully informed with all details of your fleet.

This service keeps a log of service jobs done for each vehicle and notifies you about the upcoming periodic maintenance and works to be done to avoid any extra cost to be incurred because of the repairs that could be prevented if periodic maintenance appointments were met.



Demo Vehicle

Now you can verify the strength, smoothness of operating and the superior quality of Hino trucks by testing our demo vehicle that is highly equipped with all tools to simulate your business.