Cabin Design

The moment you climb into the driver’s seat of a Hino you will understand why Hino’s driver cab is superior to any other truck’s cab. The wide-view and direct lines of sight are very remarkable. Thanks to the extremely high tensile steel front pillars, very slim to give drivers excellent forward visibility while maintaining integral strength. The door openings and footsteps have been enlarged for easy entry and exit. In addition, the doors themselves are wider than before for easier entry and exit.

And when it comes to space and comfort, Hino is the clear winner, intuitively designed, roomy and comfortable, the cab space is designed to give drivers what they need to perform at their best. Hino offers air conditioning with great cooling capacity and air flow volume as a standard feature, AM/FM Radio with CD Player, Power Windows and Door Locks are just some of the equipment available in the Hino trucks.

To enhance the rigidity of the cab, Emergency Guard Impact Safety Cab is one of the HINO's passive safety features. EGIS CAB has performance to pass the Economic Commission for Europe of UN regulation (ECE-R29), this regulation is one of standard of impact safety testing for commercial vehicles.

The all steel welded cab was built as well with an aerodynamic design; the windshield angle has been optimized to ensure both increased interior space and enhanced aerodynamic character. Furthermore, the front corners have been given a more gradual curve for a lower Drag Coefficient. Both features contribute to enhanced fuel economy.

Chassis Strength

Despite the light chassis, Hino is not compromising its strength. After testing the Resisting Bending Moment, Tensile Strength, and Yield Strength, Hino results have edge over the other Japanese brands, the figures of these mechanical properties proved that Hino 300 Series Chassis is stronger by approximately 32% than its nearest competitor in Resisting Bending Moment, and 29% in Tensile Strength.

Total Running Cost

It’s not just about the initial cost of a truck, the total cost of ownership is the significant factor you should consider when you invest your valuable money in a truck.

Hino is renowned globally for its quality, durability, and reliability, and with its notable low running cost, it will be optimal benefit to your business operations and budget.

Actual testing with full gross load conditions have proved that Hino trucks outperform other trucks by around 20% in terms of fuel efficiency. The advanced Euro-3 common-rail engines are an efficient tool for fuel economy, the windshield angle and the slanted cab design provide aerodynamic performance enhances fuel efficiency by up to 5% plus in highways and 7% plus in city roads against other trucks brands.

In order to maintain your truck’s high-performance levels and reduce downtime as much as possible, our after-sales network stretched across the country secures all Hino models sold in Jordan with Hino genuine spare parts with low prices & competitive labor charges to ensure a low operational cost. Hino’s high-quality diesel engine oil is used which enables the engine to work efficiently for 10,000 km non-stop.

Aggregating the cost of the three points: fuel, maintenance, and downtime, you will find with no doubt that Hino is the most efficient truck in market.

The less the running cost of your truck is, the more your business is profitable.

Engine Efficiency

Building on their reputation of reliable and tireless trucks, HINO’s red engine has even further evolved. The technology-advanced engines generate unbeatable blend of power and torque, comply with higher emission requirements, keep the noise level to its minimum, and enables the truck to operate smoothly with high speed cruising or heavy loads.