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Light Duty Trucks

Medium Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

Cabin Design

The moment you climb into the driver’s seat of a Hino you will understand why Hino’s driver cab is superior to any other truck’s cab ....Read More

Chassis Strength

Despite the light chassis, Hino is not compromising its strength. After testing the Resisting Bending...Read More

Total Running Cost

It’s not just about the initial cost of a truck, the total cost of ownership is the significant factor you should consider...Read More

Engine Efficiency

Building on their reputation of reliable and tireless trucks, HINO’s red engine has even further evolved...Read More


Support Efficient Transportation

By proposing vehicle plan for efficient, safe and reliable delivery of goods.

Support Timely and Reliable Transportation

Through after-sales services to keep vehicles ready for use whenever our customers want; no interruption of our customers business flow.

Support Safe and Trouble-Free Transportation

Reduce costs of fuel, maintenance etc. through lectures to drivers and regular parts replacement.

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